Wednesday, July 7, 2010

marketing plan

Marketing plan
Environments scanning:
A- Macro environment:
PEST analysis (political, economical, social, Technology)
B- Micro environment:
- SWOt analysis for the company: (Strength, weakness, threats, opportunities)
- SOWT analysis for the competitors: (Strength, weakness, threats, opportunities, Market position).

Market analysis:
- Market size.
- Market growth rate.
- Market profitability.
- Market trend.
- Key success factors.
Target market:
- Identify different market segments
- The target market need and want.
Marketing Strategy:
- Objectives and mission statements.
- Positioning relative to competitors and in eyes of customers
- General strategy to reach the objective and fulfill the mission.
- Marketing mix : (product , price, distribution , promotion programs)

- Size of target market and growth projections.
- Sales growth projections.
Financial analysis:
- Profit and loss for each product and in total: sales forecast, costs, Marketing budget, fixed overhead and variables expense.

- Measurable goals and success metrics for each program.
- Intermediate measurements for monitoring progress